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Setting up the compliance foundations

Setting up Your Compliance Foundations

To operate a business, it is extremely important to comply with the requisite regulatory standards. Although it may not be the most thrilling aspect of setting up a business,..

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Budget 2023

2023 Budget - What does it mean for you?

How will the latest Budget affect your business and your household? Here are some of the changes most likely to have an impact on Kiwi business owners.

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Getting Your Financial Year End Work Completed Quicker

As the new financial is getting near, it's the time for us to check the accuracy of your financial information in your accounting software for the past financial year, and to get..

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Turning the Supply Chain Crisis into a Business Opportunity

Turning the Supply Chain Crisis into a Business Opportunity

The ongoing supply chain crisis is slowing down production and pushing up prices. But there might be a way to turn this business challenge to your advantage. If you’re a..

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Understanding the Use of Money Interest (UOMI) System

Understanding the Use of Money Interest (UOMI) System

Some taxpayers are subject to use of money interest when they don’t pay their tax, pay late or underpay.

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